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All about stretch ceilings

Today, one of the most common types of ceilings is tension structures. Of course, such a ceiling has just a huge number of distinctive advantages.Such a ceiling will look very beautiful with absolutely any design. It is also very convenient to install such a structure in the event that several more floors with people live above you. Indeed, in the event that they try to flood your apartment from above, they will still fail.


  • one. Types of canvas for stretch ceilings
  • 2. Design effects
  • 3. Multilevel structures

Such a stretch ceiling design is capable of withstanding up to several hundred liters of water. Then you can make a small hole and drain all the water. Then it will be enough to heat the room with hot air from the construction vein, and the ceiling will take its shape again and will look as attractive as before.

All about stretch ceilings

Types of canvas for stretch ceilings

But today, all interested customers have access to several options for stretch ceilings at once. Among them are the following options.

  1. The glossy surface looks very smooth and even. The lacquer structure of the material allows you to significantly increase the illumination due to the fact that any light from the lamp will be refracted. Also, the glossy surface also has a reflective effect, so the room visually will seem much spacious.
  2. The matte surface is the opposite of the glossy version. It does not have a reflective effect, but it looks just as solid as in the first version. On the one hand, the matte surface has its advantages, as you can enjoy the shades of light that you prefer to choose. The structure of such a material is more rough, but this is beneficial in some cases.
  3. Satin material for stretch ceilings is essentially arbitrary from the above two materials. Pearlescent luster and maximum underestimated reflection parameters make the material one of the most demanded on the market at the moment.

Of course, each person chooses for himself the option that, in his opinion, will best suit a specific design solution. It is necessary to take into account the color schemes, since some materials may also differ in color schemes. It will look very nice if the material for the stretch ceiling is selected as well as possible.

All about stretch ceilings
All about stretch ceilings
All about stretch ceilings

Design effects

There are quite a few designer prints on glossy materials today. It can be absolutely anything that only you yourself want. Most often they choose the theme of nature. After all, it is precisely such motives that can be easily introduced into any interior and location of an apartment.

Some people prefer to see cirrus clouds above their heads, which seem to float across the blue sky. All this is achieved through the correct location of the print on the ceiling, as well as the correct location of lighting fixtures.

The starry sky will also look very beautiful. If you place hundreds of small stars, then with the right lighting, they will seem to shine in the night sky.

All this can be done already from ready-made models or perform certain topics strictly to order. Be that as it may, all the possibilities of such a unique print are limited solely by your own fantasies.

All about stretch ceilings

Multilevel structures

Stretch ceilings on several levels at once will be able to give any room a unique appearance that will reflect the individuality and peculiarity of the owners. But the installation of such a structure requires a high level of professionalism, so it is worth contacting only specialists.

All about stretch ceilings

All about stretch ceilings in 30 minutes

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