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Dark window profiles are a great alternative to the standard white color

The overwhelming majority of citizens from birth have seen exclusively white windows in apartments, houses and various institutions. Therefore, it is quite difficult for them to imagine windows of a different color, especially if the products have a sufficiently dark shade. However, interior designers — designers argue that if the owner of the apartment has a desire to decisively transform the interior of the apartment, then the classic white color will not be the ideal solution. In this case, you should try something more original. For example, the color of the windows, imitating natural wood, will not only look quite harmonious in a modern home, but will also decorate the room.


  • one. Stylish black windows
  • 2. Benefits of black windows
  • 3. overheat protection

However, if there is a desire to create a truly original interior in a room, then it is necessary to pay close attention to the possibilities that modern PVC and aluminum profiles, made with the help of the latest technologies, give to plastic windows. Let's try to tell in this article about a trend in modern room design that is gaining wide popularity — black windows.

Dark window profiles are a great alternative to the standard white color
Dark window profiles are a great alternative to the standard white color

Stylish black windows

Interior style is a rather subtle concept, having many varieties. The tonality of black in a stylish room can be different. You can make the black color of the windows barely noticeable, then it will give the impression of elegance and nobility. Or, on the contrary, create a sharp contrast with a bright black color, emphasize the peculiarity of the room, create a separation between other colors available in the interior of the room. But, whatever it was, black is a special style and effective solution, so it becomes more and more popular every day.

Of course, black is not the last "light in the window". There are quite a few cases when the best solution would be exactly the white color of the window. A well-thought-out interior is always unique, so it all depends on the individual characteristics of an apartment or house.

How and in what cases it is advisable to use black window light:

  • in the event that black furniture is installed in the room, then the window frames of dark shades will not stand out sharply against its background, but, on the contrary, will complement the interior of the room, adding special elegance and aristocracy to it. Such windows will appear as a continuation of the furniture, and not just window openings through which sunlight enters the room;
  • the room looks very original and interesting when the black window frames contrast with the color of the doors installed between the rooms. In this case, a special interior is created that will differ from the standard with a modern approach to the arrangement of premises.
Dark window profiles are a great alternative to the standard white color

Benefits of black windows

Attracts the fact that when installing black windows, there is practically no need for additional decor. Frames in black, as well as in dark color, make the room elegant. It looks especially good in rooms where there is bright furniture and the walls are painted with colorful drawings or colored wallpaper. Often, in such rooms it is not even necessary to install curtains and blinds on the windows.

overheat protection

Almost everyone in the elementary grades of high school knows that black actively absorbs heat. For a room where windows with black frames are installed, this is both a plus and a minus. It all depends on the geographical location of the apartment. It is clear that in cold places this gives an advantage. If too much heat is obtained, then it is necessary for windows to choose such frames that have a separating plastic bus. It does not allow heat transfer from the outer edge of the profile to the room.

Dark window profiles are a great alternative to the standard white color
Dark window profiles are a great alternative to the standard white color

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