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Do-it-yourself hanger in the hallway

Of course, no matter how large or small your hallway is, a hanger in this part of your home will be an essential attribute. After all, it is here that people come first of all, as soon as they get into your apartment. They definitely need to take off their outerwear, if any. Very often they use small cabinets, but if the dimensions of the hallway do not allow this, then it is best to give preference to a hanger, and a wall model.


  • one. What is required for assembly
  • 2. Assembly procedure

You can buy ready-made options, but why spend a lot of money if such a simple option as a wall hanger is very easy to make yourself. Even if you have never been involved in the design of this type of furniture before, you should not be upset, you will definitely succeed. The most important thing is to follow the instructions that experienced craftsmen kindly provide.

Do-it-yourself hanger in the hallway

What is required for assembly

The first step is to stock up on all the materials and tools that may come in handy. These include:

  • Film faced plywood (the dimensions of the cut can be chosen so that you have enough for a hanger, so it is best to initially calculate the dimensions of all parts and details on paper);
  • Six decorative hooks, best in bronze or copper, to add a touch of ambiance to the aesthetics of an already beautiful hanger. Each hook should have two screw holes;
  • Two steel brackets, which are needed to hold the entire structure to the wall;
  • Pencil or marker;
  • Roulette;
  • Drills, the diameter of which is slightly smaller than the thickness of the conform or bolt;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Puncher.

Of course, the list is not so small, but all this will bypass several times cheaper than buying a ready-made version, or even better, making it to order from the masters.

Assembly procedure

The first step is to determine the size. But if you have already bought a sheet of laminated LSP, then you should push away from its size. It is necessary to cut the entire sheet so that with minimal losses it turns out to cut out all four parts necessary for the hanger.

The first step is to cut out two triangles. To make them look more expressive, they can be cut not with oblique sides, but with grooved or carved waves. This will give a more stylish look and add professionalism to your work.

Now you need to cut out a semblance of a tabletop, you can choose any length, but the width should be equal to the top of the support triangles. Now, in the lower part between the two triangles, you need to measure the distance with a tape measure and cut a plank there in width a little more than the height of your hanger hooks.

Now the fun part, because now we will put everything together. You need to drill two holes in the wide side of the triangles, and you need to drill together with the table top attached to the top. We drive the comforters or bolts into the holes obtained and tighten all the parts with a screwdriver. The bolt will go hard, gradually threading itself. But this is good, because in this case everything will be securely tightened.

We do the same with the partition bar. It is enough to substitute it in a level and drill two holes on each side. We fasten everything together. For a more aesthetic appearance, you can screw the holes under the decorative plastic rivet.

Now on the line are the hooks for the hanger. They need to be spaced evenly so that everything looks symmetrical. In this case, it is best to retreat from each of the edges by five centimeters.

Well, in the end, it remains only to fasten the brackets, which will fix the entire structure against the wall to the very top of the triangles and drill a hole for the dowel in the wall, where everything will hang.

Do-it-yourself hanger in the hallway
Do-it-yourself hanger in the hallway
Do-it-yourself hanger in the hallway

DIY simple hanger in the hallway with your own hands !)

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