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LED strip in the decoration of the living room

Today, modern living rooms are trying to decorate as best and modern as possible. But what could be better than unique lighting of room details using LED strips. Fortunately, today it is not at all difficult to find such tapes, since the price for them is very reasonable, and the range of products is amazing.


  • one. Types of LED strips
  • 2. Zoning with LED strip

Just ten years ago, this was a unique innovation for Russia, which was used in the decoration of expensive clubs and luxurious restaurants. But today such a bright finish in the literal sense of the word, every person can afford.

LED strip in the decoration of the living room
LED strip in the decoration of the living room

Types of LED strips

As it turned out, LED strips can be not only of different colors and sizes. They can also be of completely different shapes and types of LED elements. In order for you to clearly understand which type is best suited for decorating your living room, you need to consider in detail each of these options that exist today.

  1. Bulb strips are the most economical option from the budget series. But in most cases it is suitable only to decorate the ceiling structures of the second or even third tier with lighting, but no more. Due to their rather impressive dimensions, such tapes will not be able to give the interior a refined sophistication and unique style.
  2. Cylindrical LED strips, mostly suitable only for decorating straight lines. It can be refined lines on the walls or decorative equipment of hanging shelves of an open or even closed type.
  3. The ruler, as the unique and almost invisible LED strip is called, is perfect for the most sophisticated finishes. It can be used for absolutely any purpose. With its help, experienced designers even create unique masterpieces in the form of drawings and large-scale paintings on the wall, which will light up brightly every time you want to.
  4. This type of LED strip, such as cord, boasts unique and inimitable flexibility and elasticity. Perfect for decorating any part of the living room and even creating complex geometric shapes.

Of course, you also need to understand the fact that each of these models, in addition to their natural and aesthetic differences, will also differ in the quantity and quality of the emitted light. Therefore, before making an informed choice when buying, it is best to see how bright the tape will burn. If you buy it in a store, then it will not be difficult to check the quality of the light. The consultant will simply connect it to the test bench and everything will immediately become clear whether this option is suitable for you or not.

LED strip in the decoration of the living room
LED strip in the decoration of the living room

Zoning with LED strip

Of course, most of the people decorate the living room well, decorating the joint between the wall and the ceiling as much as possible. It looks pretty nice, but unfortunately, this design has already outlived itself a few years ago. Today, LED strip can be used much more efficiently.

With its help, you can zone the space in the room. You can be sure that your guests will definitely appreciate this approach to decorating the living room. Each living room has a seating area where a person can relax on a luxurious sofa. There is also an area for watching TV, which is usually equipped with armchairs. Perhaps there will be a reading area. In general, there can be as many zones as you yourself deem it necessary to do.

But in order for them to merge into a single whole with the room, you can and even need to use the subtleties of space zoning. And LED strip can help with this.

LED strip in the decoration of the living room

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