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Memorable interiors with columns

From time immemorial, since ancient times, columns have been used both to decorate interiors and as supporting structures that could bear the weight of the ceiling vaults. Today, columns can be used to decorate a certain style in the interior, or to visually divide one space.


  • one. We beat the load-bearing column in the interior
  • 2. Column-fireplace
  • 3. Atrium in the interior
  • 4. Antique shelf

Be that as it may, the designers, over the years of their great experience, were able to adapt the columns in such a way that they were not just a beautiful interior decoration, but, on the contrary, become a single whole with the entire design style.

Memorable interiors with columns

We beat the load-bearing column in the interior

If the design of your apartment provides for a ready-made concrete column, which, well, simply does not fit into the interior in any way, then you should think about how best to decorate it. This can be done without much effort. Today, in most stores you can find decorative overlays, which are made, both from plastic and foam, and cast from plaster.

It is best to choose plaster models as they will be more graceful and massive. But they should be fixed only on bare concrete, without additional coatings. You can also additionally decorate the concrete column with decorative plaster and install several lamps so that the column literally comes to life.

Memorable interiors with columns


If you have always dreamed of installing a fireplace in the middle of the room, then today your dream will come true. It's no secret that for normal operation and functionality of the fireplace, an exhaust hood in the form of a chimney may be required. And this is, respectively, a pipe that will pass through the ceiling and go out through the roof.

But this is also a unique opportunity to use a ready-made column in the interior. You can create it from absolutely any materials. Can be crafted from wild stone or brick. Thus, your room will combine the unique style of antiquity, which is expressed in the column, as well as your old dream in the form of a fireplace, in which you can burn logs and watch this process.

Memorable interiors with columns

Atrium in the interior

If you have large and spacious rooms, then you can use the atrium in order to visually divide the space. Of course, these will be all the same large rooms, but thanks to the arches that hold on to massive columns, everything will look a little different. Visually, it will seem that these are all two different rooms, even without dense walls that separate them. There are a lot of design options for this style. o wood is the best choice as it can be used to create unique shapes and angles.

There may be two or more arcs. Everything directly depends only on how long the space is. It will be optimal to maintain a distance of two meters between each of the columns on the sides, and the central atrium can be positioned at a wider distance so that you can immediately see that this is the central entrance to the room, which is highlighted in comparison with the rest.

Memorable interiors with columns

Antique shelf

If you have beautiful decoration or art items, you can create a unique artifact display rack. The base can be antique columns, cast from plaster and painted in the color of marble. They are divided into four equal parts.

Everything is installed quite simply. On the sides, the first two parts of the two columns are placed, glass is laid on them, which will play the role of the base of the shelf. We do this two more times and put the end of the columns on the top glass to fix the shelves. Thanks to this approach, you can create a unique piece of interior art, just in the middle of the room.

Memorable interiors with columns
Memorable interiors with columns

How to beat a CARRYING COLUMN in the interior of a living room or hall

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