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Sliding doors — a current trend in modern interiors

The modern market is replete with a variety of interior doors, different in design, color scheme and material from which the door leaf is made.

A correctly selected door complements the interior, making it more comfortable and harmonious. Sliding doors are no less popular today, although they appeared relatively long ago.


  • one. Advantages
  • 2. Flaws
  • 3. note
  • 4. The main types of sliding doors
  • 5. Relevance
Sliding doors - a current trend in modern interior


Sliding doors can be used for absolutely any room. They are durable, do not deform, do not creak. Sliding doors have many advantages. In small rooms, such a door will help to zone the space. For example, to separate the kitchen from the living room; or a bath from the toilet. It is especially convenient and practical to install sliding doors in walk-through rooms. In addition to the fact that they look amazing, they also significantly save space. The sliding door is equipped with a roller mechanism, which allows the door to be opened almost silently. The design of the sliding door allows you to install it both in a small apartment and in a huge country house.

Sliding doors - a current trend in modern interior


As mentioned above, sliding doors have a more complex design, due to the presence of a roller mechanism. In this connection, the installation of such a door will require special skills. If installed incorrectly, when the door is opened. the videos will rattle. Therefore, it is better to entrust the installation of sliding doors to professionals. Another disadvantage is the high cost. The price of the door leaf itself is relatively inexpensive. But the hardware is better to choose more expensive, in order to increase the service life of the door.

Sliding doors - a current trend in modern interior


When buying sliding doors, you need to focus not only on the appearance, but also to familiarize yourself with the characteristics.

  • Soundproofing. It is better to abandon pine doors, as they let in extraneous noises more than others.
  • Environmental friendliness. Models made of wood meet all standards and will last longer.
  • Harmony. The door should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the apartment.

If the apartment is one-room and it is planned to install more than one door, then it is better to choose models made in the same style.
A door made of glass can be placed in the corridor. This will visually expand the space, there will be more light in the room. A glass door also works well in the kitchen.

Sliding doors - a current trend in modern interior

The main types of sliding doors

  • Books
  • Accordions
  • Recoil

Sliding doors have a more reliable design than doors with a folding leaf (accordion), and are much less likely to fail. Folding doors are most often used as an addition to the interior.

If you prefer a more practical option, then it is worth stopping at sliding doors with a sliding mechanism. It is best to give preference to doors with a wall mounting method. Firstly, they will not interfere with movement, and secondly, dirt will not clog into the guides.


Despite the fact that the installation of a sliding door will cost a pretty penny, it is very convenient in everyday life, saves space, gives the room a special zest and unique design. The most important thing is to decide on the model and think over the design in such a way that it harmoniously fits into the interior.
Manufacturers offer a huge selection of sliding doors for every taste, and therefore their popularity and relevance is growing.

Sliding doors - a current trend in modern interiors
Sliding doors - a current trend in modern interior
Sliding doors - a current trend in modern interior

Concealed doors paired with sliding doors! The main trend in interior design!

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