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Sockets and switches: choosing the optimal placement

Repair or reconstruction of an apartment always begins with the installation of the electrical part. Before you call a master electrician, you need to think very well about the placement of sockets and switches. Modern life involves the use of various household appliances, computers and gadgets. For the convenience of their use, you need a sufficient number of outlets in all rooms of the apartment, in the most accessible places.


  • one. Basic principles of socket placement
  • 2. Life experience
  • 3. Technical conditions
  • 4. Economic forces
Sockets and switches: choosing the optimal placement

Basic principles of socket placement

For convenient placement of switches and sockets, they take into account the principles proven by everyday experience. But that's not enough. There are technical and economic factors that play an important role in the rationality of this process.

Life experience

This approach takes into account the number of family members and units of household appliances used by each person and in which room.

For example, a vacuum cleaner, everyone uses it in every room. Cleaning won't be annoying if the wire won't get tangled under your feet. If you turn it on easily and simply, then vacuuming will be more frequent. Difficulties with turning it on can discourage hunting and leave cleaning for later. Therefore, a socket for a vacuum cleaner should be in every room, including the kitchen, corridor and entrance, located in an absolutely accessible place, taking into account the length of its wire. Such sockets can be placed near the front door, at a height from the floor from 20 to 30 cm. In the kitchen — a socket for 2-3 plugs, in the accessible area of ​​the desktop. Also hidden sockets in this area for the refrigerator and dishwasher. In the bedroom — an outlet near each bed. They are used for additional lighting devices and recharging gadgets. Better to do them on two plugs. If the lighting equipment is wall-mounted and is switched on via a stationary switch, then a paired switch and one socket are enough.

In the hallway, there should be a conveniently placed switch. Easily accessible at the entrance. And it is better to place the socket above the bedside table or shelf in order to have additional space for recharging the phone. It is convenient because it is in sight, and when you leave, it is difficult to forget it at home. In the bathroom, the sockets should be at the location of the washing machine, water heater, dryer. Socket under the mirror for hair dryer and shaver.

Sockets and switches: choosing the optimal placement
Sockets and switches: choosing the optimal placement

Technical conditions

According to the PES (rules for electrical installations), general recommendations for the placement of sockets and switches are taken into account.


  • sockets at a height from the floor from 30 cm to 1 m;
  • switches 10 cm from the door at a height of 70-90 cm.

According to these rules, 1 socket for 4 m of the perimeter of the dwelling. In non-residential spaces 10 m2 one socket.

Safety rules are taken into account for the bathroom. From a bath or shower stall, the socket should be placed at least 60 cm. Height from the floor not less than 1 m. The switches are located outside the bathroom, as there is almost always high humidity in it.

For electrical appliances of increased power, power plug sockets are installed for a current strength of 32-40 A. They are displayed on the power panel on a certain automatic switch. Distance from gas communications — 0.5 m. Sockets are not placed above the sink and hob. The distance from the appliance of household appliances should be 1 m.

These technical guidelines are not a hard requirement. But their observance ensures the safety of the use of all household electrical appliances.

Economic forces

The number of sockets and switches affects the estimated cost of construction and installation work. If there are budget restrictions, then it is worthwhile to think carefully about both the number and the height of the location of each switch and socket, without departing from the recommendations of the PES.

Sockets and switches: choosing the optimal placement
Sockets and switches: choosing the optimal placement
Sockets and switches: choosing the optimal placement

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