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TOP 8 rules for the perfect sofa

Every detail is important in the interior. Especially noticeable as a sofa. If it is chosen incorrectly, the whole entourage will be ruined!


  • one. A budget sofa is appropriate
  • 2. What will help you choose a sofa

From the experience shared by the architect Nadezhda Kapper, I realized: you shouldn't buy a sofa if the interior layout has already been implemented! The general concept may not accept the innovation. Can sum up both the assortment of the store and the preferences of the client. Even a reliable, beautiful, convenient option should be in harmony with the general idea.

TOP 8 rules for the perfect sofa

The opinion about traditions in domestic furniture production is also interesting. The result is sofas that are a little out of fashion. This is what Natalya Komova, interior designer, says. Previously, inflated models made of leather were popular. Familiar shapes are still interesting to the consumer, but their habits can be transformed. It is important to understand whether this or that "modern" version is attractive. You can focus on the list of trusted masters in their field of activity. Their products most often turn out to be quite graceful and suitable.

Good models are offered by Zaha Hadid or Karim Rashid. Sometimes their products look unusual, but their experience and taste help to maintain the necessary line between audacity and simplicity. If the form is simple, it is necessary that the material of manufacture and the conscientiousness of production should be at their best.

TOP 8 rules for the perfect sofa

A budget sofa is appropriate

Economy lines are no less interesting. This line is time-tested, and the buyer often pays attention to it. Successfully continue to create series combining familiar outlines and simple colors. Such furniture fits perfectly into beautiful interiors. However, it is important to know the characteristics of "risky design".

TOP 8 rules for the perfect sofa

Monsters are furniture made of cheap materials, in ugly forms, bulky, impractical. Gilded curls are not always appropriate, and some models are completely unfairly copied.

The opinion of Evgeny Milner, director of the furniture salon "Trio", is loyal. Not everyone chooses terrible sofas. It is much more important to understand how "premium" products are acceptable. Sometimes the elite versions turn out to be ridiculous.

The real achievement of IKEA stores is instilling taste in the consumer. With a limited assortment, it is important to recognize the usefulness of orders with certain parameters. You need to choose not creepy cheap sofas, but economical ones — within reasonable limits.

TOP 8 rules for the perfect sofa

What will help you choose a sofa

The problem of choice in this matter is relevant. Interior designer Natalia Komova has her own opinion. The sofa is important and necessary. Appearance is closely related to its quality. Italian production has proven itself well. These products are considered beautiful, the buyer is offered different upholstery, pillows. But the question of cost remains controversial.

An elegant sofa is allowed, with classic rounded shapes, for example, modern, or with elements of minimalism. A really worthy sofa features high-quality, natural upholstery. Maybe the client wants leather or natural linen, an atmosphere of comfort is imperative.

TOP 8 rules for the perfect sofa

Choose carefully any detail. Cushions for a comfortable stay. They also became an easy, affordable way to bring any space to life. When choosing pillowcases for them, they take into account the season or their mood. In this case, the decor for the sofa is easily updated, changes come quickly and fresh breaths of creative thought are felt.By contacting a quality store, you will find an acceptable option that suits you. It will last a long time without failing.

TOP 8 rules for the perfect sofa

How to choose a SOFA and not miscalculate? Top tips in 15 minutes

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