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Types of TV stands


  • one. Types of structures
  • 2. Materials (edit)
  • 3. Color scheme
  • 4. Sideboards in different styles
  • The TV can be placed in several ways, one of them can be placed on a special cabinet. In order to choose the right one, you need to pay attention to:

    1. TV weight. The curbstone must withstand it and not deform at the same time.
    2. Cabinet size. It should be bigger than a TV. This is due to safety regulations.
    3. Fittings. It must be of high quality in order to last a long time.
    4. Cabinet color and style. It should be combined with the general style of the room and the colors used in it.

    Types of TV stands

    Types of structures

    The following types of pedestals can be distinguished:

    1. Hinged. Modern furniture option. It does not clutter up the space and makes it lighter and more spacious. The wall-mounted stand can be small, intended solely for a TV, or it can occupy an entire wall. In this case, lightweight materials are used for manufacturing, many of them are not designed for heavy loads.
    2. Floor. Located separately from the furniture set. Often equipped with casters to move freely around the room. Such cabinets often have additional shelves, drawers or drains for storing necessary items.
    3. Built-in. Neat and compact models that allow you to blend in with the overall interior.

    Types of TV stands

    Types of TV stands

    Materials (edit)

    The materials used in the manufacture of TV stands can be completely different, the main ones are:

    1. Glass. It can be matte, transparent, tinted, etc.d. Glass is suitable for small spaces, as it has the ability to visually expand the space and reflect light rays. The main thing is to take care of it and rub it regularly.
    2. Tree. Solid and solid models. They are usually large, so they are suitable for spacious rooms. The tree belongs to environmentally friendly materials, so you can safely use it without fear for your health.
    3. Drywall. Flexible material from which you can assemble cabinets of any shape. The main thing is to decorate it beautifully.
    4. Chipboard. A practical, robust and economical option, presented in a wide range. Cabinet furniture is made from it, so it will not be difficult to choose a cabinet.
    5. Metal. Stylish, original and durable material that can withstand heavy loads without deforming. Such a curbstone will decorate the interior, especially if it is made with forging elements.
    6. A rock. An original and unusual option. Looks luxurious and respectable.

    All of the above materials have good performance properties, the main thing is to treat them with care.

    Types of TV stands

    Types of TV stands

    Color scheme

    The chosen color palette also plays an important role. Sideboards made in black or black and white are considered classics. They will complement the interior and emphasize its perfection.

    Two-tone or bright-colored cabinets look vivid, they are suitable mainly in modern rooms.

    Light colors will help to visually expand the space and compensate for what was taken by the furniture.

    Types of TV stands

    Sideboards in different styles

    TV stands are suitable for absolutely any interior, the main thing is to choose it correctly. In the classic style, the cabinet should not be cluttered, its main advantage is functionality and conciseness. Its size can be either small or massive.

    Loft style prefers rough metal or wood furniture. In this case, the curbstone can be made even from pallets.

    Hi-tech is at the peak of popularity today. It involves the use of cool and restrained colors, complemented by chrome elements.

    Provence is a light and romantic style in which furniture made of wood or chipboard is appropriate, with traces of wear.

    It is not necessary to put only the TV on the bedside table. If there is free space, you can safely put candles, figurines, photo frames, paintings, lamps and other decorative elements.

    Types of TV stands
    Types of TV stands

    20 ideas for modern TV cabinets. Stylish TV stands

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