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Versatile colors for any ceiling finish

Most people today continue to live according to the rules established throughout the history of mankind. In modern society, there are no uniform and strict rules, this also applies to the interior. Contrasting, monotonous, restrained and bright — all this list has a place in the new society. Modern styles today are gradually replacing the remnants of the past and bring variety to life and the house in particular.


  • one. Universal colors
  • 2. A Few Tips
Versatile colors for any ceiling finish

Universal colors

There are colors in nature that blend perfectly with other shades, one of which is white. It is suitable for nursery, living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen equally. It has a ton of benefits that make everyone think about using white in their home. But in his entire history, he has become so boring to everyone that he simply ceased to be interesting.

The desire to diversify one's life is inherent in every person, therefore, rejection of white is quite normal, especially if the parents and grandparents had white ceilings in the house, you want to quickly change them to new ones.

In addition to white, there are other universal colors that can be easily combined with different style directions and are appropriate in any room. Among them:

  1. Beige. Neutral, discreet color. It fills the room with coziness, emphasizes brighter colors and reduces their aggressive mood, if any. Beige relaxes and has a pleasant effect on the eyes, so it is ideal for decorating houses and apartments;
  2. Grey. He has a huge number of shades and not all of them are practical and functional. The best option is light gray;
  3. Black. Today he has ceased to be associated with mourning and sadness, so you can meet him on the ceiling in many houses. Glossy black ceiling reflects the room like a mirror and visually enlarges it. The main thing in this case is to choose the right companion for him.

There is no consensus about which color is better to use for finishing the ceiling. It is influenced by:

  • Wall decoration;
  • Ceiling height;
  • Room area;
  • Room type;
  • The quantity and quality of lighting;
  • Individual preferences.
Versatile colors for any ceiling finish
Versatile colors for any ceiling finish
Versatile colors for any ceiling finish

A Few Tips

As already noted, the choice of color is an individual matter for everyone, but there are certain recommendations that will help simplify the choice and make it right:

  1. If you want to make the ceiling bright and original, it is better to use PVC film as a finishing material, in other words, a stretch ceiling. The glossy material reflects light and therefore does not attract much attention;
  2. Artificial and natural lighting have a different effect on the perception of the same subject. Therefore, it is worth considering this factor when finishing surfaces;
  3. For small spaces, it is preferable to use light and cold shades. They visually expand the space and make it light and spacious. It can be blue, milky, lavender, sandy;
  4. It is not necessary for the color of the ceiling to be repeated on the walls or in the decor. All objects and surfaces in the room should be in harmony with each other and complement each other;
  5. Rooms decorated using the same color, but different shades of it, look calm and cozy;
  6. A bright ceiling is best used in a nursery or living room.

Do not limit yourself to the usual colors. A person's life is one and bright colors must be present in it in the literal and figurative sense, otherwise it will not be possible to get pleasure from it. You should not be afraid of changes, especially since at any time you can replace one of the surfaces and the interior will radically change in perception.

Versatile colors for any ceiling finish

Color combination in the interior (color table in the interior)

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