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Vintage style — part of the story in a new design

We respect antiquity because of history and value. Vintage styling is really attractive. She brings with her so many emotions and impressions that at first it is difficult to include in a coherent thought the image that appears before our eyes. But organizing space this way is more than just fun. Oftentimes, even overly expressive ideas can create interesting and respectable concepts.


  • one. Vintage furniture
  • 2. Vintage is freedom
  • 3. Features of the vintage style
  • 4. Vintage interior — we select the elements correctly
  • 5. Positive emotions and elegance
Vintage style - part of the story in a new design

Vintage furniture

Old wardrobe in grandfather's basement? The lamp was found at the grandmother's? Antique dresser at auction? This is best suited for vintage-style interiors. Everything that is outdated can be given a second life, a second chance. The combination of decorative elements to create a vintage style is priceless.

Vintage style allows us to fantasize and enjoy what every new owner of antiques loves. Vintage style is a compilation where the convergence of different furniture is not shocking.

Vintage style - part of the story in a new design
Vintage style - part of the story in a new design

Vintage is freedom

Furnished apartments without constructive planning are very interesting. Their appeal combines amazing creator associations with complete freedom to act. The absence of restrictions allows you to creatively play with the components of the composition. Free thoughts and creativity will allow us to get a truly unique interior. However, what should be a vintage style, what to look for, and how to discard inappropriate options?

Features of the vintage style

Vintage style created in a fairly simple way. Creating an interior in an apartment where you can feel the atmosphere of the old spirit and see examples of furniture of the last century in a modern form is one of the possibilities.

When creating a vintage style, you must be on the lookout to avoid "decorative exaggeration".

Vintage style - part of the story in a new design

Vintage interior — we select the elements correctly

What we introduce into the interior reflects how it is perceived. Therefore, you cannot fill up the space with a huge amount of antique furniture or design elements. It's good to be consistent and stick to the concept that was born in our head at the very beginning.

The storm of ideas and opportunities must be correlated with the subsequent effect. Present the result of your venture. After all, we are talking about an apartment where we will live, not a museum. Therefore, it is worth creating a place where we will feel good regardless of the mood or the weather.

Setting up stylish furniture with current trends in mind is fun and very creative. Despite the stylistic paradox, the vintage style interior is very impressive. Bright, light colors, as in a minimalist style, illuminate the interior. Bronze and various shades of beige add seriousness. Patterned walls combine with serious antique furnishings to create something tasteful and slightly exotic. The combination seems almost exclusive, but the ingredients complement each other.

Positive emotions and elegance

Ideal if the upholstered furniture is richly decorated with patterned fabrics. What is too exaggerated for some designs, bright and colorful, in others creates a feeling of inner satisfaction and concentrated optimism. This design enhances the quality of the apartments, which adorn similar antique elements.

It's not hard to guess that inviting living rooms create an aura of elegance. Nice to the eye, they look perfect in vintage style. These spaces create a sense of warmth and elevate aesthetics to a higher level of beauty that many people really enjoy.

Vintage style - part of the story in a new design
Vintage style - part of the story in a new design


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