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Window sill decoration options

Previously, it was customary to consider the window sill as part of the window on which flowers are placed. Now he is given a big role, especially in small apartments. It can be used as a table, as a workplace, as a shelf for things and so on.


  • one. Do I need to decorate the windowsill
  • 2. Plants for the room
  • 3. Vases
  • 4. Photos
  • 5. Candles
  • 6. Lighting
  • 7. Pillows and rugs
  • eight. Place for animals
  • 9. Souvenirs
  • 10. Festive decor

Do I need to decorate the windowsill

Designers urge everyone to create a laconic transition from the window to the rest of the room. This applies to standard windows. If the window is small, then it should not be decorated. It must fulfill its direct function.

Decorative elements on the windowsill will not fit into the interior if the window is curtained. If the window is covered by a short curtain or roller blinds, then the design of the window sill can be made perfect. The most important thing is not to overdo it with decorative elements. To make everything look harmonious, sometimes two or three items are enough.

Plants for the room

You cannot pile up the windowsill with a huge number of different-sized pots of flowers. The pots must necessarily correspond to the general concept of the interior of the room.

Window sill decoration options


One of the most successful decoration elements are vases, and they can be empty or with fresh flowers. Will look beautiful on the windowsill of a vase with sweets or fruits. You can put a large vase, or several small. They can be used not only for flowers. You can arrange beautiful colored stones, shells or beads in them.

Window sill decoration options


To give a special charm, you can place several photos on the windowsill, the frames for them should be combined with the concept of the overall interior, but the pictures can be absolutely any. It is actual to process them in a digital editor and use different filters and labels.

Instead of photographs, you can arrange small funny pictures that will cheer you up.

Window sill decoration options


Window sill decor in the form of candles, will be a win-win on New Years Eve, Christmas. Candles can be supplemented with themed candlesticks for different holidays, for Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and so on. In the dark, lighted candles will be beautifully visible in the window from the street.

Window sill decoration options


An ordinary table lamp installed on a windowsill can become an additional light source. You can put an armchair next to the windowsill and lay out interesting books.

Window sill decoration options

Pillows and rugs

If the room has a wide window sill, then it can be easily used as a seat. If it is also low, then this is already part of the design of the room. It will be enough to put a mattress or fluffy rug, or a few decorative pillows.

Window sill decoration options

Place for animals

This place in the room can be used as a home zoo corner. A cage with a parrot or a hamster on the windowsill will look practical, and there will be no space in the room. The plus is that the pet will be under natural light. However, it must be remembered that the animal should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If the window is on the west or north side, then a small aquarium can be placed on its windowsill.

Window sill decoration options


Several souvenir figurines complement the overall concept of the room. Caskets and figurines brought from other countries will look beautiful.

Window sill decoration options

Festive decor

The window sill in the room can be decorated from time to time. Choosing holidays and memorable dates for this. Handmade decor will look great. This kind of thing is trending now.

Seasonal decor looks perfect against a window background. In autumn it can be a bunch of fallen leaves, and you can put the fruits of chestnut and oak in a vase. In winter, crafts in the form of snow balls, deer, glowing garlands in glass vessels will perfectly fit into the interior. In this case, the imagination is not limited, the main thing is to observe the measure in everything.

Window sill decoration options

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