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You have a low ceiling? There is more than one solution

A spacious apartment, a large house is a dream for each of us. But sometimes our illusions break on harsh reality. We buy what we have money for or we inherit housing. Most often, the space is far from ideal, and we would like to change everything, but there is something that is beyond our control. For example, a low ceiling. He crushes, oppresses, what to do with him? Nothing. Or is it not true? Of course not — there is always a way out. The simple tips below will help you solve the problem in style and taste.


  • one. We select the tones of the room
  • 2. Mirrors
  • 3. Textile
  • 4. Tension cloth
Do you have a low ceiling? There is more than one solution
Do you have a low ceiling? There is more than one solution

We select the tones of the room

The interior is a hundred little things, and of course, the main elements. Everything is important here — both form and color. So, for example, there are different variations of shades that can visually stretch the ceiling.

  • We make everything very light, even white. No, it won't look like a ward, because you will fill the space with accessories that will become a highlight.
  • Gradient. If you are afraid of the monotony of light and boring, then make a transition of tones, but the walls must necessarily flow into the ceiling and be light in this place.
  • Unusual solution — dark walls, white ceiling. This contrast pulls the space up well.

Advice!If you want to paint the walls and ceiling white, then drop a little beige or black color scheme into the paint. This will not ruin the paint, but it will just save the hospital walls from that effect.


Where can we go without them. Everyone knows that a mirror visually expands any space. Why not mirror the ceiling? It is very fashionable to make mosaics now. The mirror can start on the wall and flow to the ceiling, thereby creating a length. In general, any glossy surface that can reflect makes the space around it more interesting, freer, as if frames are being erased.

Do you have a low ceiling? There is more than one solution


Surely curtains can help. How? Easier not to come up with. If you raise the cornice to the very top or make it on the ceiling itself, choose a light, flowing fabric as the fabric, then the effect will be noticeable immediately. But that's all. If possible, keep the curtains on the floor. If you want to choose a fabric with a print, then this is only a small drawing, a light tone, and preferably vertical stripes. They always help to make the figure slimmer, and even raise the ceiling invisibly.

Tension cloth

Someone will say — and so low, but everyone knows that stretch ceilings are mounted on special structures, which, in turn, make the distance to the floor less by another 5-7 cm. Right. But a stretch ceiling has significant advantages.

  • If you choose the glossy option, then you will get an amazing effect that will expand the room upward.
  • A perfectly flat surface also plays a positive role.
  • Stretch ceiling allows you to make different types of lighting, except for a chandelier in the center.

Let's take a closer look at the third point. Now it's not a secret for anyone that lighting is being mounted on the ceiling, which can be completely different. And for small spaces, the illumination without a chandelier will be ideal, which presses and cuts the room. The backlight can be in the form of separate flashlights or a diode strip along the entire contour, which creates a floating effect. Looks creative, tasteful.

And finally, advice — if you like different accessories in the form of paintings, clocks, shelves, then never hang them in a small room in the middle. Raise above eye level. Also remember minimalism. Small rooms spoil nothing more than an abundance of bulky furniture, colored elements all over the place and unnecessary things. Aesthetics in quality and small quantity.

This is how you can easily solve a seemingly unsolvable problem. Get creative and your home will be perfect.

Do you have a low ceiling? There is more than one solution
Do you have a low ceiling? There is more than one solution

What to do if you have a low ceiling and how to make it visually higher

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