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Bedroom-hall. How to organize the space correctly

Regardless of no matter how active and rich lifestyle a modern person may lead, he truly relaxes and rests at home. The comfort and warmth of the native walls fills with physical and moral strength and it is not surprising that many are so carefully and reverently about the design of the home interior. It's great when each area of ​​life has its own space: a bedroom for relaxation and sleep, an office for work, a living room or a reception hall. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford such spacious apartments. Usually you have to make a combined bedroom-hall room and most often owners of one-room apartments or families with children living in two-room apartments face this problem. Also popular today are studio apartments, where brick partitions break on purpose.


  • one. What practical aspects need to be considered when creating a bedroom-hall interior?
  • 2. Options for an interesting interior that combines a hall and a bedroom
  • 3. Additional means to demarcate the room
Bedroom-hall. How to organize the space correctly

What practical aspects need to be considered when creating a bedroom-hall interior?

Creating a combined bedroom-hall room will require the owners to comply with certain rules. It is worth carefully considering the location of the bed. This should be a limited intimate space in an impassable part of the room. Ideal if there is a place for storing bed linen and wardrobe nearby.

But the area provided for the hall should be ready for guests to come in. Therefore, you should think about the availability of seats and a table, at least a coffee table. There should also be a place for the location of audio and video equipment, racks and shelves with the necessary little things inherent in every residential apartment.

Options for an interesting interior that combines a hall and a bedroom

The first option is to turn the bedroom into a hall, and vice versa, with the help of transformer cabinet furniture. Sofas, soft nooks and beds can be easily converted into comfortable sleeping places. A little more time and effort will be required to create retractable or built-in sleeping structures. Such furniture is not cheap and is made to order, but its advantages are also very great. To camouflage a sleeping place, either a platform or a vertical niche is constructed. The use of built-in and transformable furniture saves precious square meters when it is not possible to divide the room.

The second option for creating a combined bedroom-hall room is based on space zoning. This can be done both with the help of weightless interior techniques, and quite tangible walls.

You can create an artificial partition dividing the room from a plasterboard structure. It is not necessary that it be solid, you can use different levels, bas-reliefs and niches. Such a partition can become an active element of the interior. Also, a built-in wardrobe, a rack or tiered panels can play the role of a conditional border.

If the height of the ceilings allows, you can play with layering. We place the bed on a so-called platform, and the space under it can be used to store household appliances, bed linen or seasonal wardrobe.

Sliding systems can also help in creating a niche for a bed, the main advantage of which is mobility. The material for such a system can be glass, plastic or even a mirror. You can also zone the space using textiles or portable screens. Such elements will add originality to the interior.

Bedroom-hall. How to organize the space correctly
Bedroom-hall. How to organize the space correctly

Additional means to demarcate the room

The design of the bedroom and the hall will look much more interesting and original if you pay attention to the decorative finishing of the conditional border of the room. The use of coatings that differ in color and texture when decorating walls will look good.

An additional tool that can help create an atmosphere for a bedroom or hall can be lighting. It is worth considering so that at the right time it can be made softer or brighter. Spotlights are the best for this task. Although in some cases you can afford a beautiful chandelier and small lamps or a floor lamp by the bed in the bedroom area in the hall.

A little imagination and a creative approach will help to push the walls apart and instead of one room there will be a modern interior that successfully combines the functionality of a hall and a bedroom. Come to the rescue with mobile convertible furniture, eye-catching designer accessories and easy-to-create cabinet structures designed to delimit space. These techniques will create the illusion of spaciousness and a sense of real comfort.

Bedroom-hall. How to organize the space correctly

analysis of the PLAN. 14 sq.m. how to properly ORGANIZE space.

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