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Glass coffee table for the living room, types, advantages

A coffee table with a glass surface will add originality and style to any living room. It will harmoniously fit into any interior, become the center of attention, add an element of functionality.


  • one. Advantages of a glass table
  • 2. Types of coffee tables

In the living room, a table can perform several functions: it can be used for the press, for tea drinking or serving coffee, as a miniature bar.

Glass coffee table can be of various shapes — oval, square, round, rectangular.

Glass coffee table for the living room, types, advantages

Advantages of a glass table

Thanks to modern technologies, it became possible to use fragile glass for the manufacture of furniture elements. Tables with glass top are the most popular and demanded piece of furniture.They have a number of advantages:

  • operational safety. It is difficult to break or damage tempered glass. Even if its integrity is broken, the fragments will have safe edges;
  • long service life;
  • resistance to changes in temperature and humidity;
  • multifunctionality. The table can be used for different purposes, for example, as a place for games, as a chessboard, for serving snacks and drinks;
  • easy care. Use a dry or damp cloth to remove dust or stains;
  • hygiene. There are no conditions for the growth of microbes on the glass surface;
  • attractive, beautiful and elegant appearance;
  • glass can be combined with other finishing materials: wood, plastic, metal, stone;
  • variety of shapes and designs, which makes it possible to choose a table for any style.

The transparent glass surface is an excellent basis for decorating it with various patterns and ornaments. To protect it from mechanical stress, the glass can be covered with a special protective layer.

In addition to numerous advantages, glass products have several disadvantages, namely:

  • stains, fingerprints will be visible on the glass surface;
  • glass needs careful handling and care;
  • possible scratches due to mechanical damage.

Minuses are minor and do not affect the popularity of glass tables.

Glass coffee table for the living room, types, advantages
Glass coffee table for the living room, types, advantages

Types of coffee tables

Depending on the design, coffee tables are:

  • monolithic — all parts of the structure are made of glass. They have an airy light appearance;
  • sliding — a feature is the ability to change (transform) the shape, increase the area;
  • folding — allow you to get a multilevel surface due to rotation on the hinges.

Table designs can have a different number of supports (from one to three legs). There are separate models on wheels for added convenience — the table can be moved silently.

The table consists of two parts: a table top and a frame. The table top can be glass or combined. The frame is made from different materials. He can be:

  • wood. In combination with a cold glass surface, wood elements will create additional warmth and comfort;
  • metal. Perfectly combined with glass forged frame or shiny stainless metal base;
  • from natural natural materials. Rattan, bamboo stems, animal horns are used as materials for the base of the table.

Alternatively, the frame can be made of plastic, or textile sheathing can be used.

Any glass coffee table will look original, stylish, elegant and unique, it will decorate the living room interior.

Glass coffee table for the living room, types, advantages
Glass coffee table for the living room, types, advantages

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