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Glass interior doors: inspiration and ideas

Glass interior doors will decorate your interior. They are beautiful and stylish and are suitable for both classic and modern homes. Glass doors make the house bright and light due to its transparency. Light penetrates deep into your home and creates a sense of spaciousness.


  • one. Types of glass interior doors
  • 2. Types of glass for interior doors
  • 3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Doors
Glass interior doors: inspiration and ideas

Types of glass interior doors

The use of glass in your interior can be done with sliding glass doors, swing doors, swing doors or swing doors. Alternatively, you can choose full glass doors, but you can also combine them with other materials such as metal, wood, granite, natural stone, … so that they fit into any style.

one. Sliding glass door
A sliding glass door creates a sense of openness in your home because you can play with the space in your home. You can separate the two rooms from each other or let them transition into each other. Glass sliding doors provide extra light. Sliding doors need a wider doorway as the door cannot fully open due to the handle.

It is a compact alternative to the classic revolving door, because you don't need room to turn. Already during the construction of a house, you need to think about how the sliding glass door will be mounted, namely in the wall or in front of it. Sliding glass doors have an aesthetic added value as most systems are floating. This means you do not need to provide a rail system.

2. Glass swing door.A swing door is a standard type of interior door. Of course, choosing a glass swing door still has the advantage of allowing daylight in. In the case of a swing door, a combination of glass with other materials is often chosen, although they also exist entirely in glass. The biggest advantage of the swing glass door is the cheaper price.

3. Swing door.The glass door is special in itself, but the swing door adds something special with its elegant appearance. The so-called swing door opens in both directions. The big advantage is that the space is always easily accessible. You have all sorts of things with you so that you no longer have free hands for the doorknob? No problem, you can always push this door open wherever you are! Swing doors work with a spring-loaded door closer, so the door closes automatically.

4. Glass swing door.The swing door itself grabs attention because it is rarely used in homes. The hinge is not on the side, but at the top and bottom in the middle of the door. This makes one part turn to one side and the other to the other. It looks very modern and has a somewhat industrial touch. A pivot door can also pivot in two directions, such as a swing door.

5. Double glass door.The latest version of the glass inner door is a double-leaf. For this you can choose between two classic revolving doors or sliding doors. Sliding glass doors are the most popular option because they can be easily left open for long periods. For example, in the summer, when the heating is off, it can be nice that different rooms can merge into each other.

Glass interior doors: inspiration and ideas
Glass interior doors: inspiration and ideas

Types of glass for interior doors

Glass interior doors are made from different types of glass. Thus, you will make your glass door unique and adapted to your interior. Are you afraid of glass doors for security reasons?? However, this is not necessary. Glass interior doors are always made of tempered or laminated glass for safety reasons.

one. Strained glass.Most interior glass doors are made of tempered glass. This is mainly for security. Tempered glass is five times stronger than average glass. If it breaks, it will disintegrate into small harmless pieces.

2. Laminated glass.Laminated glass is a composition of two glass volumes with polyvinyl-butrium foil. Heat treatment ensures good adhesion between different layers. It is sometimes also called safety glass because the foil ensures that the glass shards stay in place when broken. The foil used is often transparent and invisible to the naked eye. If you prefer to bring some color to your interior, you can opt for colored foil.

3. Leaven.The leaven is treated with a caustic liquid that makes the glass dull. For example, if you want a bathroom with a glass door but fear a lack of privacy, glass starter cultures are ideal. However, you cannot choose to process only part of the glass. Fermented glass is harder to clean on the acidified side. Thanks to the glass processing, greasy stains are visible faster. Finally, the acidified side is less attractive, which is why this type of glass is mainly used for cabinets where you can only see the glass from one side.

4. Sandblasted glass.By sandblasting a glass interior door, you can add motifs, lines or patterns to it. The first advantage is obvious: you are less likely to bump into a glass door because it stands out better. The second advantage is that you can completely adapt your door to your own style. The third advantage is that sandblasting can partially process the glass as opposed to acidified glass. The biggest disadvantage of sandblasted glass is the high cost, especially when compared to fermented glass.

Glass interior doors: inspiration and ideas
Glass interior doors: inspiration and ideas

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Doors

The advantages of glass interior doors are obvious enough. They add aesthetic value to your home and are very fashionable. The transparency of the glass automatically provides the best light, making your home brighter. The last important advantage of glass interior doors is the sense of space, which is also created by transparency.
Like any material, glass has disadvantages. Glass inner door is less insulated both acoustically and thermally. Subsequently, stains and fingerprints will be more visible on glass doors. The very last thing you should consider when choosing glass doors is confirmation. For most types, confirmation must be taken into account when building a house.

Glass interior doors: inspiration and ideas

Glass interior doors

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