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The most practical doors for the home

Of course, in most cases, people try to pay as much attention as possible to the finishing materials that will decorate the apartment. But few people think about the fact that interior doors have no less effect on the appearance of the design and on the fact how the whole apartment as a whole will look. After all, if the repair is in the same style, and the doors are completely inappropriate in color or other criteria, then in this case they will stand out against the general background and spoil the whole composition.


  • one. Sliding doors
  • 2. Material options

But in addition to the style in which the doors are made, they should be no less practical.Today there is a huge variety of opening mechanisms, so you can already forget about the old hinges on which the door was hung.

The most practical doors for the home
The most practical doors for the home

Sliding doors

Recently, it is sliding doors that have become more and more popular. This option is popular because you do not need additional space for the door to swing open when open and take up part of the room. In this part, nothing can be put, because otherwise, the door will not close or open. This significantly limits the space in the room.

Sliding doors can be of several types.

  1. The door opens along the wall. This option is used most often and is considered the most budgetary and practical. This requires only a few guides, along which the door will move apart due to the rollers. A light effort of the hand is enough and the door opens, as if in the vestibule of a carriage, only much quieter and more elegant.
  2. There are also such models that have more complex systems and mechanisms. The door can be opened as standard, only it will not move along the wall, but inside it. Of course, it looks very interesting and modern, but such an installation will require grandiose changes in the usual design, as well as solid financial costs.
  3. The door can also be with or without a threshold. Of course, everything depends only on the preferences of the owners, but if you look at the situation from a practical and aesthetic point of view, then it is best to do without a threshold. This is also due to the fact that such thresholds in the arches of interior doors are not provided in our country. Accordingly, guests who do not know about it may not notice your innovation and simply stumble.

A person chooses an option solely at his own discretion. But thanks to the clarity of the examples, you can decide exactly what is right for your apartment.

The most practical doors for the home

Material options

Of course, interior doors are distinguished not only by their type of opening, but also by the materials from which they were made.

  1. Natural wood. Of course, this version of interior doors is considered the most expensive, but at the same time more durable and effective. After all, it was natural wood that was chosen from time immemorial for the manufacture of doors. But at the same time, this option is also considered the most expensive, so this factor must be taken into account when choosing.
  2. Fiberglass or glass is also considered a stylish and modern solution. After all, glass surfaces have always been welcomed in any interior style. And if we also take into account the fact that glass can be matte or with a beautiful pattern, the style of room decoration will become even more saturated and ambiguous.
  3. MDF is the most practical option for materials, which has the lowest cost. But at the same time, in appearance, it is in no way inferior to natural wood in quality and durability.

The most important thing is to choose the doors that you like best.

The most practical doors for the home

How to choose a good interior door? Very useful video!

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