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Types of blinds. Which is better to choose?

There are several types of blinds and each of them has its own characteristics. There is no one size fits all option. That is why, when choosing blinds, you need to clearly determine which qualities are paramount, and which are absolutely not important. It is thanks to clear goals that you can choose the most suitable option.


  • one. Vertical blinds
  • 2. Horizontal blinds
  • 3. Roller blinds
  • 4. Blinds "Day-Night"
  • 5. Pleated blinds
  • 6. Electric blinds
Types of blinds. Which one is better to choose?

Vertical blinds

Such blinds are an excellent option for decorating a large and high window. They help to visually enlarge the room and raise the ceiling. Most often, vertical blinds are used in various commercial organizations and offices. But as for the apartment, it is very difficult to fit vertical blinds into it. It is especially difficult to do this when the interior of the room has already been formed. It is very important to choose the right material. Blinds can be made of plastic, aluminum, fabric or multi-texture. Depending on the material, the visual and physical properties of the blinds differ.

Types of blinds. Which one is better to choose?

Horizontal blinds

Such blinds are the most common and popular; they fit perfectly into the design of almost any room. They are very easy to care for as they are most often made of aluminum, wood, plastic or bamboo. Sufficiently resistant to mechanical damage. Cleaning such blinds does not take much time, you just need to regularly wipe them with a damp cloth. Horizontal blinds can be used in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and study.

Types of blinds. Which one is better to choose?

Roller blinds

Such blinds are quite simple, you just need to pull on a special rope and lower the curtains as much as you need. They scatter light in a slightly different way, it is uniform and soft, without any gaps.
There are reflective roller blinds, these do not let light through at all and are very suitable for home theater and bedroom. Rolls can be plain or patterned. You can make a custom-made canvas and choose a more suitable pattern or print.

Types of blinds. Which one is better to choose?

Blinds "Day-Night"

There are horizontal and roller blinds, and the "Day-Night" blinds are something in between. They are represented by a double curtain with alternating transparent and non-transparent stripes. Such blinds make it possible to choose any type of lighting. Such blinds can be made of various materials; imitation of wood and various patterns are very popular. Blinds "Day-Night" can be chosen absolutely for any interior.

Types of blinds. Which one is better to choose?

Pleated blinds

Such blinds fold into an accordion due to the fact that they are made of pleated fabric. Pleated blinds differ from ordinary blinds in that their upper edge can be shifted. This allows you to fine-tune the required lighting. If the window has a complex geometry, then such blinds would be an ideal option. Plisse is great for decorating windows, terraces or glazed balconies.

Types of blinds. Which one is better to choose?

Electric blinds

Such blinds are controlled by a remote control, which is very convenient. Stay in bed and customize lighting. These blinds are great for those who find it difficult to get up in order to simply adjust the blinds. Electric and can be made and roller, and vertical, and horizontal blinds, since for each type there is a special type of motors.

Types of blinds. Which one is better to choose?

How to choose blinds! Five rules!

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